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Vehicle Advisory & Location Information System – Commercial & Personal Use


Stand Alone Light LED Panel for Vehicle Attachment

  • Wireless High-Resolution 40×11 128x32pixel Mobile Display with Built in WI-FI Ready and Direct Flash Drive Port for pre-programmed messages.
  • Constructed from the Toughest Light Weight Steel Available Today.
  • Standard Hitch and Stand-Alone Unit, Offering a Single Carriage Mount Placement.
  • Customizable Color LED Display from any Smart Device App.
  • Personal, Industrial and Business Ad Placement (No Commercial License Required)
  • Self-Contained Power Supply (2USB AC/DC/Solar/Ion Power Rechargeable 1Watt YP 300W Solar Generator. Display Constant Run Time 15-17 hrs (approx time single run function). AC/DC Recharge Approx. 8hrs.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Color-Display Pan Zoom Mobile Tracking Night Vision Camera System with instant Alarm Notifications
  • Optional 6 LED Built in Flash Warning System model B Construction (Special Order Item( Add $299.00)

Valis 1 is a Wireless and Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor 40×11 Color Mobile LED Warning display that can be installed onto any vehicle with standard tow hitch capability in less than a minute with no drilling, wires, or modifications. It also works as a stand-alone color LED display. This High-Resolution LED display is the valuable necessity you have been missing. Raise safety awareness, promote your business, and get noticed everywhere Valis goes. This industrial LED display panel may be customized to display messages in real-time with a touch of a button from any smart device (app) or saved onto the included flash drive for direct (Wi-Fi free) plug and play function. The Included Stand-Alone Wheel barrel Concept Chariot, which can Quickly be Deployed from its flat folding position securely Cradles Valis 1 in place with the attached straight through frame pin for stability. The front unique welded axle construction featuring two 14×1.75 Oversized Slim Off-Road Wheel Concept and rear wraparound handle makes maneuvering Valis effortless on or off road. It also features a Mobile Tracking Night Vision Camera System.

Valis is designed to be quickly deployed by one operator as an LED Sign for Commercial Carriers—onto any vehicle, including cars, buses, trucks, SUVs, Golf Carts, UTVs, and any other unit hitch capable equipped. Valis has demonstrated to be extremely useful as an LED display for school crossing, outdoor LED signs for business, small industrial LED display screen, or in marketing campaigns, school events, and any other activity that expects a visual message response.

Some Daily Uses for VALIS 1 LED system include:

  • Construction Sites, Festivals, Traffic Control, Road Closures, Detours, Marathons, Bridge /Tunnel Construction, Theme Parks, Power and Gas Utility, Lawn Maintenance Crews, Stadiums, Airports, Distribution Centers, Parking Garages, Marinas, Golf Courses, Conventions, Water Ports and Maritime Industry, Commercial Vessels, Train Stations, Valet Stations, Military Check Points, Stadiums, Food Trucks, Outdoor Restaurants, etc.
  • Retail, Commercial and Private Security Companies
  • Mobile Vehicle Marketing Campaign for any Business, Company or Public Message Announcement.
  • Real Time and Location Display on any Amber or Silver Alert that has been Activated

VALIS 1  has been designed by experts with decades of experience in Law Enforcement, Military, Executive Protection and the Critical Incident Response industry.

Weight 75 lbs


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