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Vehicle Advisory & Location Information System – Security & Tactical Use


Stand Alone Light LED Panel for Vehicle Attachment

  • Wireless High-Resolution 40×11 128x32pixel Mobile Display with Built in WI-FI Ready and Direct Flash Drive Port for pre-programmed messages.
  • Constructed of Ballistic Resistant Deflective Steel (Tested resistant up to .45cal 185grain Federal Hydra Shok.
  • Standard Hitch and Stand-Alone Unit, Offering a Single Carriage Rolling Bunker Deployment. (see video Valis 2)
  • Removable Upper Ballistic Deflection Bunker Conversion Shield with adjustable suction handle placement.
  • 4 LEVEL III  8×10 Single Hand Mobile Conversion Butterfly AR 500 Steel Core Armor Plates Assistance System. 505-51BB-NH 505 Burnnell Hardness Rating (Rated Resistant up to 6 hits from NATO 7.62 and Win 308 velocity up to 2780fps)
  • Self-Contained Power Supply (2USB Ports AC/DC/Solar/Ion Power Rechargeable 1Watt YP 300W Solar Generator. Display Constant Run Time 15-17 hrs (approx time single run function). AC/DC Recharge Approx. 8-10hrs.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Color-Display Pan Zoom Mobile Tracking Night Vision Dual Audio Camera System with instant Alarm Notifications
  • Heavy Duty Collapsible Protective Storage Bag

OPPS Technologies, known for high-quality First response products, presents Valis 2, the Tactical Mobile Vehicle and Stand-Alone Ballistic Deflection Critical Incident Deployment and Advisory Information System. This high-resolution color LED display for emergency vehicles can be set up to display messages warranted for any situation. The high-visibility LED display and emergency Vehicle Advisory system can be easily attached to any standard hitch receiver. Aside from just standard vehicles and SUVs, Valis 2 can be utilized on Buses, Trucks, Vessels, ATVs, Golf Carts, Snow Mobiles, Trains, RVs, and more. It’s among the most dependable Ballistic First response products of its kind.

As a First Responders LED display board, the Tactical VALIS 2 was designed to offer an additional layer of protection for first-line Emergency Response Teams when an incident turns critical. Aside from providing Ballistic Deflection and Resistance, Valis 2 is utilized for sending messages and signals over large distances, making it a reliable Law Enforcement LED display board. One unit can complete multiple tasks at once, for instance, Warning of Road Closures while also blocking the roadway displaying and directing oncoming traffic correct direction of travel. Valis 2 can be monitored via Wi-Fi from any location with dual audio control and alerts.

Uses for the VALIS 2 LED Panel include:

  • Notification Placement ICS at any Critical Incident
  • Strategic Placement of VALIS 2 at Public Events, Sporting Venues, Stadiums with immediate Capability to Transform and Deploy as Ballistic or Projectile Deflection Cover Post.
  • Digital Signage to Close Off Roads or Divert Civilians from the Area.
  • Protective services to keep clients or targets safe and unharmed

The VALIS 2 LED panel has been designed by experts with over several decades of experience in law enforcement and private security services.

Weight 125 lbs


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