3 Innovative Security Products You Should Know About

A security system drone camera flying in trees

Known security companies keep advancing their technologies to stay ahead of the countermeasures offenders can come up with to overcome existing security technologies. Security systems are now a lot different from what they used to be just a short time ago.

Here are some particularly innovative security products we think you should know.

1- Drone Cameras

It’s often impossible to surveil areas from a height either because there’s no tall structure to mount cameras nearby or because the mounting camera won’t mount in the given period.

That’s where drone technology comes in. Camera drones have revolutionized the security industry as they allow surveillance from impossible angles. Now, organizations or individuals can control Drone cameras to surveil from different angles. Some drone cameras have a wide lens that provides 360-degree surveillance allowing the camera to surveil the entire field without even turning.

A drone camera can also have other features like infrared night vision, which allows these cameras to see in the dark. Military-grade drone cameras have heat vision that allows cameras to detect human presence even beyond walls.

2- AI Surveillance Systems

One of the unavoidable problems in surveillance has been that people viewing surveillance footage often can’t maintain focus for long. Hence, hiring people to view live footage is not only expensive but also unreliable.

However, recent advances in AI image recognition have almost made manual surveillance obsolete. These advanced intelligent systems can analyze footage in real-time and detect threats better than the human eye.

These systems can be programmed to detect any motion in the footage, allowing the camera to notice even light movements that a human might not see. Image recognition also allows these cameras to recognize human bodies, pets, vehicles, and particular human faces. AI systems ring an alarm when a face that is not in the records is detected.

AI systems can set off alarms or notify the security personnel as soon as something suspicious is detected. Another application is to merge manual surveillance and AI together such that AI systems prompt the control room officer when something suspicious is detected.

3- Bulletproof Fabrics

Bulletproof wearables aren’t what they used to be anymore. Advances in nanotechnology have made materials strong enough to stop bullets yet supple enough to be made into clothes.

The best known of such materials is Kevlar. Kevlar is a synthetically produced fiber that is incredibly strong even when made into a thin cloth. Kevlar is also heat resistant which allows it to block and endure bullets. This light yet strong fabric allows incredibly thin and easy-to-wear bulletproof vests to wear beneath a dress shirt.

Person wearing a bulletproof vest working with a security system

However, these security products would still take a lot of time before they are available to the general public. Also, most of these products cost a lot. Considering these factors, OPPS Technologies has introduced affordable and innovative security products, including warning LED devices and first response products.

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