Why LED Displays Should be Used at Schools

Kids sitting on a mat in front of a whiteboard

Have you ever seen the scoreboard at Ravens Stadium? You might’ve noticed LED ribbons under its 4K ultra-high-definition display lighting up every time someone scores a touchdown. But stadiums aren’t the only places LED displays are used. They’re useful for every type of business imaginable—from armed protective services directing traffic to stores looking to advertise their latest sales. So why not use them at schools?

Here are the main reasons why LED displays should be used at schools.

They’ll Improve Road Safety

Road safety is the number one reason why LED displays should feature at schools. Wondering how to remind approaching cars of Maryland’s 35 miles-per-hour school zone speed limit? Just type it on a computer hooked to the LED display and you’re good to go!

LED displays are also more effective than static signs when signaling for cars to slow down near school crossings. This is especially important in winter when visibility around the school is likely to be lower.

They’re Ideal for Announcing School Timings

There’s nothing more heart-warming to a kid than seeing a massive LED display with the words “school’s out” flashing on it! LED displays are the best way to relay information about school timings because they’re programmable.

Whether you’re looking to announce a permanent change in the school’s start time or remind students of an upcoming public holiday, LED displays are the perfect solution.

They’ll Optimize Classroom Activities

LED displays optimize various activities in a school’s classroom. Need to remind students of work that’s due the next day? Simply program an LED display to flash a reminder at the end of class and you’re set!

LED displays are also great for teaching kids how circuit boards work. We recommend pulling apart the display to show them how every component fits together.

They’re The New Notice Boards

Remember those old wooden boards at school that had millions of thumbtacks holding up notices? They might be great for nostalgic value, but it’s hard justifying their use in 2022!

If you’re thinking of giving your school a modern feel, consider replacing notice boards with LED displays. Teachers will love them because of how easy they are to program, while students’ jaws will drop when they get back to school and see an LED display outlining their class schedules!

Kids holding hands and walking together

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