Top Advertising Challenges Faced by Companies

Posters on a wall advertising events

Picture this: You’re standing on the side of the road with a jug of lemonade and a glass. You’re trying to sell your lemonade—but you’re not allowed to advertise it. In other words, you can’t wave to any cars, put up a sign, or say anything if someone stops to ask you what you’re doing. If you’re thinking there’s no way you’ll sell any lemonade this way, you’re probably right!

Advertising is vital to running a successful business—but it’s not without its challenges. If you’re curious to find out the biggest advertising challenges faced by companies, read on!

1. Low Visibility

Have you ever wondered why you keep seeing the same ad over and over? According to advertising studies, there’s a specific number of times people need to see an ad before they remember it for good. This is known as “effective frequency” and explains why you keep seeing the same ad every time a quarter ends in a Ravens game!

If you’re a business owner, the only way to reach effective frequency is by boosting the visibility of your ads. If your ads have low visibility, your target customers won’t remember them and your sales will drop.

2. Unclear Messaging

If your ads don’t deliver a clear message about your product, your marketing efforts will flop. Unfortunately, numerous businesses try being too clever and put out ads that don’t describe their products clearly.

Think about it—if you sell honey but your ad campaign focuses on the importance of bees, then maybe a handful of customers will pick up on your message. However, this won’t be anywhere near as effective as putting out ads that directly emphasize the benefits of eating honey!

3. Privacy Regulations

Have you ever heard of third-party cookies? Businesses use them to track what their customers are interested in to optimize their advertising. For instance, if a shoe company finds out its targeted customers always go to the same bar every weekend, it’ll start placing posters near that bar for its products!

However, Apple’s latest devices give consumers total control of their digital footprint—making it almost impossible for businesses to track them. Google will take a similar step by banning third-party cookies on its Chrome browser by 2023.In other words, soon it’ll be impossible for businesses to track the locations and interests of their target customers!

Posters on a brick wall

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