3 Ways Signage Can Improve Workplace Safety

Hazardous voltage sign.

People may often ignore the significance of safety signs, but they play an important role in keeping everyone safe during our routine activities. These signs tell people to stop at an intersection, when to cross the street or if there’s any construction work going on ahead, and much more.

Similarly, signage also improves workplace safety. Signs such as mobile LED warning displays can play an essential role in making staff aware of potential hazards and avoiding dangerous situations. Because these signs are easy to understand, they help keep people safe.

To help you understand better, let’s discuss some essential ways safety signs improve workplace safety.

1. Indicate Hazards or Risks in Specific Areas


Signs are highly effective when they are appropriately placed in any workplace. These include signage on technical machinery and outside hazardous areas. The signs will help workers stay aware and take proper precautions when passing through. What’s more, safety signage needs to be placed close to the hazard zone to remain relevant.

2. Help Avoid Confusion


Signage is vital for the safety of workplace culture as well. However, having too many signs can create confusion as the workplace staff may find it hard to differentiate signs from warnings. Having one safety sign after another can also contradict each other and put staff in potential danger.

This is why employers need to focus on consistent signage across the workplace. What’s more, placing similar signage close to each other will convey a complete message to anyone who sees them. These consistent signs can help workers understand the sign’s context and avoid any potential workplace threats.

Signs also make up for an effective communication tool across all the workspaces. With the relevant information, signs are an essential component for safety and health management in a workplace.

3. They Communicate More Efficiently


Signs effectively communicate their message to everyone in the workplace. Workers will be able to retain information on signs better than if instructions were verbally or textually communicated.

The purpose of these signs is to disseminate information needed to act safely and provide the information needed in particular situations and areas. While keeping the safety standards and regulations in mind, signs can be designed like how-to guides on how to work in any specific areas.

When these signs are designed, the text size, color coding, sign size, and viewing distance are all considered. For instance, yellow depicts moderate danger, orange represents more moderate, and redder depicts severe hazards. What’s more, signs are easy to understand for anyone who isn’t even fluent in the language.

A fire exit sign.

Considering how vital safety signage is for workplace safety, investing in them isn’t an option but more of a necessity.

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