Disaster Management: How Can LED Screens Help?

Billboard with emergency LED display

Various natural disasters hit different regions in the world. Having an IoT system that uses warning LED screens, sensors, and other security devices can help everyone in such circumstances. Amidst the pandemic, hospitals and other emergency volunteers also require additional assistance to provide maximum help to COVID patients.


Common tasks of a disaster management system include deducing the potential damage, providing immediate assistance to the victims, and ensuring effective recovery of the property and people involved. But to achieve these objectives, a proper and effective plan is required beforehand.


This blog discusses the role of LED screens in disaster management.

1- Creating Awareness

The COVID-19 pandemic is a natural disaster that has affected millions of people across the globe. The pandemic has forced people to follow certain guidelines and SOPs to minimize the spread of the contagious disease. These SOPs include social distancing, wearing a mask, getting vaccinated, and washing heads regularly. However, many people are still reluctant to follow these SOPs.

In such conditions, LED screens can be placed in the prime location of an area to display awareness messages for people. LED screens can help people understand their role as responsible citizens. A combination of effective yet short advertisements and LED screens everywhere can raise awareness in people and encourage them to act according to the SOPs.

Government and non-profit organizations can also use these awareness messages for other natural disasters. For instance, they can spread the message to stay at home through LED displays before an approaching cyclone. According to studies, more people are attracted to digital signage methods than other conventional signage methods.

2- Directing People Toward Resources

After a disaster, one of the biggest concerns is to get resources for everyone around. The rationing of food and other supplies in civilized countries like Japan is an example of effective disaster management.

However, a rise in crimes like theft and snatching occurs in other places due to the lack of resources and proper resource distribution.

Public organizations can use LED screens to direct people toward resources so people won’t have to fight for food and medical supplies. Organizations can display ‘resources available’ signs on moving trucks or on top of grocery stores so people can get supplies easily.

3- Direct People Toward Safety Zones

In the middle of a disaster, many people on the streets struggle to find safety zones. However, the mayhem situation makes it harder for them to relocate to shelters. Public welfare organizations like hospitals can use LED screens so people can easily move to safety zones and get the assistance they need.

LED warning display in an indoor shelter

However, these warning LED devices need to be reliable as natural disasters are emergency conditions. At OPPS Technologies, we provide emergency assistance LED displays that are perfect for every location. You can also fix our professionally created mobile warning display screens on vehicles.

Get in touch with us and be prepared for any natural disaster through our quality warning displays.

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