OPPS Technologies’ VALIS 1: All You Need to Know About It

VALIS 1 attached at the back of a car.

The Vehicle Advisory & Location Information System (VALIS) is an LED display system made by OPPS Technologies. It’s one of two VALIS devices we provide and is used for personal or commercial use. It’s an outdoor or indoor Mobile LED display that can be used for various reasons. One of the main uses of the VALIS system is to showcase warning signs, promote a business, or even improve safety awareness in case of trouble. This blog will discuss what VALIS 1 is, how it’s attached to a car and what its applications are in society.

What is VALIS 1?

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are one of the most common forms of displays being used in modern times due to their features, functionality, and size. You can have a high-resolution display at a very small scale. We kept that in mind during the R&D of the VALIS 1. It’s a waterproof and wireless LED display that can be attached to the back of your vehicle without damaging it. You can connect our VALIS 1 display with a smartphone device through an app or plugin a flash drive in the supported slot. This allows you to change the message on the VALIS 1 in real-time with just the touch of a button.

Features of VALIS 1

VALIS 1 displaying a message.

You can also attach the VALIS 1 to your vehicle if it has a towing capability. We provide you with all the accessories you need to attach it. Furthermore, to improve its stability, we provide you with a wheel barrel chariot that cradles the whole screen. You can also maneuver the screen in different directions enabling viewers on both sides of vehicles to see it as well. This is especially useful in situations where the vehicle is parked in a tight spot.

Our VALIS 1 is also very versatile with its usage as you can attach it to SUVs, Golf carts, trucks, UTVs, cars, and buses. A very useful feature of the VALIS 1 is the night vision camera attached with it that enables better mobility of your vehicle at night.

Application of VALIS 1

Due to its size and features, VALIS 1 has been used by numerous industries for example people have used it to indicate road closures or even to control traffic. One important usage of this LED display is that you can use it to promote your products or company through advertising. Choose a message that you want to display on the LED screen and drive around the area allowing people to read the sign.

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