Safety Signboards: Why are They Important?

Closeup of a safety sign attached to a generator

You’ll be surprised to know that public injury-related deaths have increased by 4.7% from 2018 to 2019. From reckless driving to dumping hazardous chemicals, there are many reasons people get injured in public spaces and factories.

If you’re looking to prevent any accidents in nearby areas, consider installing a safety signboard. Continue reading this article to learn more about importance of these signboards.

Prevents Accidents

Imagine walking down the street on a summer morning. You’ve grabbed your coffee from a nearby café and taking a walk to energize yourself for the day ahead. But suddenly, your leg gets stuck in a pothole that you missed, and your morning walk is ruined.

A simple safety signboard would have been enough to prevent such an accident. Safety signboards can prevent numerous accidents in public places from construction sites to mining areas.

Protects Your Employees

Did you know that two construction workers succumb to work-related injuries daily, on average? (Yes, we know it’s shocking!) Construction and mining workers put their lives on the line for their firms every day, which is why it’s the responsibility of firm owners to protect them at all costs.

Your employees are the heart and soul of your business, and without them, you can’t succeed. Yes, you might be providing them with protective gear, but is that enough? Surely not.

A simple yet effective way to increase safety is by installing safety signboards at every corner. You can even opt for LED signboards to make the safety message more visible.

Control Traffic

It’s no secret that road accidents are increasing at an alarming rate in the US. Lack of safety signboards on the roads is a major reason for these accidents. If you want your neighborhood to be safe, installing safety signboards should be your priority.

Also, a high number of accidents occur at night, and this is because many safety signboards aren’t visible in the dark. We recommend getting a bright LED display that can be converted into a signboard to ensure people don’t ignore them at night.

Assists In Evacuation

During a crisis, whether it’s a fire or a chemical leak, you’d want to leave the premises as soon as possible. Imagine getting lost during an evacuation. Sounds like not an ideal situation to be in, right? Amidst the catastrophe, safety signboards can help you escape and save your life.

You can install LED safety signboards with a map to ensure visitors can always find their way inside your factory.

 An LED safety sign attached on the back of a vehicle

Get Top-Quality LED Display For Safety Signage!

Gone are the days when you’d have multiple signboards to deliver different messages. With an LED display, you can easily change the content whenever you want.

If you want a durable LED safety signboard, it’s time to visit OPPS Technologies. We deliver top-quality LED screens that can display content for fifteen to seventeen hours. Our Vehicle Advisory & Location Information System (VALIS) is WIFI enabled, which can help you change the content from mobile applications.

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