The Effects of LED Displays on School and Pedestrian Crossings

Two Students Crossing the Road at a Pedestrian Crossing

Digital signage encompasses all walks of life. It can show moving messages everywhere, including hospitals, department stores, events, eateries, and educational institutions. There are several benefits of having an LED display panel in and around schools and colleges.

In this week’s blog, we bring you some of the positive changes, for which we have LED screens to thank.

Timely and Effective Communication

We live in a world of fast-changing facts. What’s a reality today may very well be fake news tomorrow. As sources of enlightenment, school administrators need to keep their pupils updated on all the latest information in an attention-grabbing manner.

Stand-alone color LED displays, with their captivating visuals, have managed to achieve this feat without fail. They’ve acted as digital modes of communication between administration and staff, staff and students, administration and students, and even students and students.

Close-Knit Despite Social Distance

It’s extremely important to stay connected despite the distance that pervades our post-lockdown reality. Isolation can eat away at minds, young and old, and they need some semblance of community to stay sane during these difficult times.

LED screens have made it possible for the school populace to feel connected from a distance by streaming uplifting messages, funny jokes, school news, and a whole lot more.

 Several Interconnected Screens Displaying the Same Interface, Showing a Sense of Community

More Color, Less Paper

The environmental benefits of distance learning aren’t lost on anyone. It’s led to fewer carbon emissions and classroom materials. Even after reopening, several schools have continued the paperless trend because it’s less expensive than paper and ink, and virtually impossible to lose.

Therefore, you’ll find new digital additions in post-lockdown schools, such as online forms, electronic signatures, LED lightbulbs, LED displays, and so on.

Maximum Safety for Students

Schools have a duty to keep students and staff safe during school hours. To make PA announcements during a possible incident, the announcer needs to be in the designated room, which might be difficult to access at such a time.

The introduction of digital signage as emergency display units in schools makes it possible for students and staff to get real-time updates about weather conditions, possible security threats, and school closings.

By customizing content remotely, schools can air anything from emergency contacts to escape routes to first aid instructions on these digital screens and make them a safer place for everyone involved.

Safer School Crossings

Installing LED units as traffic control signs near schools has made them safer for students and staff. Since they’re bigger and shine brighter on a foggy day, drivers will have a harder time missing them.

By placing these signs at pedestrian crossings, schools have increased the chances of drivers slowing down or stopping to let people cross the road.

Upgrade Your Infrastructure with LED Display Boards

Install VALIS 1 and VALIS 2 all over your school to make it a safer place for students and teachers. Use these first response products as indoor and outdoor LED displays for traffic assistance, emergency management, and real-time updates.

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