The Multiple Uses of the VALIS 1 and VALIS 2 Safety and Security Products

A Tactical Team Aiming Their Weapons in Different Directions While Standing Behind a Moving Message Display

O.P.P.S Technologies offers two kinds of Vehicle Advisory and Location Information Systems (VALIS). While the VALIS 1 is meant for commercial and personal use, the VALIS 2, for the most part, acts as an emergency display unit for security forces and first response teams.

Keep reading to learn about the specific uses of these small industrial LED display systems.

VALIS: An Investment Worth Every Penny

Both VALIS systems make great investments. Not only do these wireless tools last a small eternity on every charge, but they are also resistant to weather conditions. Their pixel pitch affords them a resolution so high you can read the contents a mile away.

The only thing easier than buying a VALIS device is installing it. Taking less than a minute and precisely zero drills, screws, wires, and modifications, you can install it on all compatible surfaces without much trouble.  

VALIS 1: Applications and Portability

The VALIS 1 is a digital wall display compatible with cars, buses, trucks, UTVs, and other motor vehicles.

· Applications

You can apply VALIS 1 as any of the following.

  • Pedestrian crossing signs for schools, universities, and hospitals.
  • Traffic assistance.
  • Outdoor LED sign for a business.
  • Tool for running a marketing campaign.
  • Road closure announcements.
  • Display for sports or school-related events.
  • Geographic information system for silver and amber alerts.
  • Night vision camera system.

· Portability

You can travel with VALIS 1 to places like:

  • Construction sites
  • Incident sites, such as l
  • Theme parks
  • Airports, rail stations, valet stations, and bus stops
  • Golf courses, marinas, and stadiums
  • Food trucks and restaurants
  • Schools, universities, and hospitals
  • Commercial and personal security companies
  • Across neighborhoods for marketing reasons
VALIS 2 Installed on a Parked Golf Cart

VALIS 2: Applications and Portability

The VALIS 2 facilitates operations for security and tactical agencies. The device is compatible with station wagons, buses, trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, RVs, sailing vessels, trains, and several other vehicles.

It’s a first response product through and through, streamlining the following functions for first responders.

· Applications

VALIS 2 is a mobile display unit with multiple uses, such as:

  • Deflection cover aid.
  • Remote communication across large distances.
  • Road closure announcements.
  • Redirecting traffic to alternate routes.
  • Warning display.
  • Emergency assistance display.
  • Night vision camera system.
  • Bulletin board for latest updates on a critical incident.

· Portability

VALIS 2 offers a higher level of portability as compared to VALIS 1. While it caters to a very specific target audience, you’ll find that it’s compatible with more vehicles, which is why you can pretty much carry it anywhere, including:

  • Sporting venues
  • Stadiums, schools, hospitals, airports, subways, and other incident sites.
  • Public event locations.
  • Locations near the above locations.

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