A Comprehensive Guide to Vehicle LED Advertising

An old-school static truck advertisement.


For several small business owners, investing in moving LED advertising may feel like a challenging task. With a limited budget that needs to be allocated for advertising, it’s tempting to use tried-and-tested print advertisements that have been successful for years. While print ads, radio commercials, and television ads serve a purpose, they aren’t the most effective option.

Outdoor LED displays and vehicle LED advertising has become increasingly popular for marketing and branding because of cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and impact. These visual advertisements play a vital role in creating brand recall, impressions, and conversions for your business.

With the recent “skip-the-ad” style advertisements, your brand’s exposure is drastically reduced, which is why your brand must create a lasting impression and grab people’s attention. Over the past years, mobile advertisements have become a unique way for businesses to promote their products and services through stunning visuals.

With moving LED advertising displays for vehicles, you can reach your audience wherever they are and customize the advertisement accordingly. Let’s discuss everything important about vehicle LED advertising in further detail to help you come up with an informed decision.

Pros Of Vehicle LED Advertising


Outdoor print advertisements are static. This means they may not have any sound or motion to attract someone’s attention. In the modern society where attention span is already short, you want to use a method of advertising that catches the modern customer’s eye. According to research, people are more likely to memorize specific advertisements that have an animation or sound.

LED display advertisements on vehicles to bring new opportunities with their high mobility, dynamism, unique publicity advantages, and outdoor reach. Particularly, billboard trucks have become a scenic media highlight in urban locations. They are effective for attracting the public eye. Major enterprises and businesses are already benefiting from the publicity of LED billboard trucks.

What’s more, vehicle LED advertisements are not restricted or limited by location. These vehicles can be driven to target market locations, including communities, trade areas, alleys, shopping malls, and more.

On the other hand, traditional advertisements have limitations like time, layout management, and editing. Vehicle LED ads can be conveniently broadcasted anywhere without any time constraints. All you need to do is upload the ad.

Vehicle LED advertisements also have a lower operating cost in the long run. The only costs you’ll have to bear are the vehicle’s fuel costs and maybe the driver’s salary. This is affordable compared to replacing any print advertisement from a billboard.

Moving LED advertising displays may only require a single person to operate as multiple ads can be played through a computer or mobile. These advertisements also don’t create any paper waste like print ads which makes them environment friendly.

For many advertisers, the cost of a single driver and fuel is acceptable compared to traditional advertisements’ replacement, printing, and installation costs. What’s more, a majority of the traditional outdoor advertising resources are limited to outdoor billboards, subway ads, bus ads, or newspaper ads.

If another advertiser already books the position of your liking, you may have to pay a very high cost to book that spot. Meaning, if you’re willing to expand your advertising efforts traditionally, you’ll have to invest a lot of money.

On the other hand, vehicle LED advertisements are unlimited. These ensure maximum control and flexibility. You can save a lot of money as you’ll only need a single truck to advertise your products and services without any restrictions.

The lower investment risk is also a major benefit of vehicle LED advertising. Indeed, every business investment needs to be done with caution and proper planning. The good news is that vehicle LED advertisements have a very high retention rate, and the vehicles themselves are durable, so they can last you a long time.

 Dynamic LED advertisements on billboards.

Cons Of Vehicle LED Advertising


Now that the advantages are discussed, let’s discuss the cons to help you understand. Renting vehicles for LED billboard advertising may seem like an advantage, but people who don’t have the experience to maintain or run LED screens can be at a disadvantage.

The other major drawback of vehicle LED advertisements is creating light and noise pollution. Brightness requirements change day and night. If the vehicle’s LED is greater than 60% of ambient light in the environment, anyone looking at the advertisement can feel discomfort. This is what people refer to as light pollution.

What’s more, bright visuals are dangerous for any vehicle driver at night. Their eyes can get disturbed by the constant changes in motion, color, and direction of the LED advertisement. These make it harder for drivers to observe road conditions.

LED advertisement vehicles are also restricted by traffic. To achieve maximum effectiveness, you’ll need to keep your audience’s rest times in regard and avoid turning up speakers or lights. Too much sound is also contributing to noise pollution.

Maintaining the electronic equipment of a LED advertisement vehicle requires skillful and technical people. While using outdoor LED advertisement screens, electronic failures or malfunctions are inevitable.

At times, one failure can also affect the entire screen of a billboard truck. If you don’t know how to resolve these problems, your advertisement efforts will hamper. Road conditions also matter a lot as vehicles that occasionally enter into any bumps may face screen errors due to vibration and sudden movement.

To avoid such issues, you’ll need to hire a skilled person to maintain LED screens for vehicles. You’ll also want to use LED screens from manufacturers that offer a replacement for damaged parts.

The most fragile part of an advertising vehicle is the LED display. These screens can be scratched and damaged. If you’re using a LED billboard truck with screens mounted on both sides and rear, you’ll need to install extra protection. Advertising digital Screens can get damaged if the vehicle comes into an accident, and getting them repaired is expensive.

Therefore, you need to be extra careful about collision damage and pay attention to the surrounding environment where the vehicle will be parked. It would be best if you also were careful about any narrow roads to prevent the vehicle’s LED display from getting damaged.

 Several billboards marketing different products.

Important Statistics


Let’s discuss some important statistics to help support the benefits of investing in vehicle LED advertising. Vehicle LED advertisements can be highly effective for businesses. If you’re working with a limited budget, you need to focus on people’s time inside their cars. If marketed right, you can attract more customers to your business through vehicle LED advertisements.

Statistics show that more than 50% of people have engaged with a business after watching a visual advertisement. What’s more, in 2021, there were 343,000 billboard advertisements in the US, out of which almost 9600 were vehicle LED advertisements and digital billboards.

Mobile advertisements generate high-value conversions for companies both small and big. These advertisements provide better engagements and are more memorable for the audience. Because of the mobility and the hyper-local level advertisement, it’s found that moving LED advertising displays for vehicles are noticed by about 98% of drivers.

The Outdoor Advertising Association also found out that every vehicle with LED advertising can create around 30,000 to 70,000 impressions each day. The location and the route where ads will be displayed are key factors determining what the target audience will resonate with the most.

Location and demographics-based insights can help identify a specific kind of audience. Using these, you will reach higher-frequency rates and create a lasting impression on the right audience. Because of the increased visibility on the eye-level vehicle, LED advertisements also generate word-of-mouth marketing. Compared to stationary advertisements, vehicle LED advertisements can help your business break the noise and clutter of other advertisements.

Location Is Important


Location is everything for vehicle LED advertising. The travel destination, traffic speed, and proximity of the vehicle on the road influence how effective the advertisement will be. You must evaluate several factors to pick the most optimal location before investing in a billboard advertisement.

Once done, you must also determine where your customers are coming from. This will help you strategically place the advertising vehicle in a location that will generate the most traffic for your business. However, if you already own a location, you can look at the vehicle’s advertisement when you pass through the area to determine its visibility.

 A busy urban area with potential customers.

External Factors That Affect Vehicle LED Advertising


Moving LED advertising displays are affected by certain factors, including demographics, circulations, impressions, etc. Circulation is the estimated number of people exposed to outdoor advertisement displays based on the volume of traffic in the market. Impressions involve everyone who notices an ad. Other factors such as the visibility of the advertisement, size, speed at which people pass by the ad also play an important part.

An immersive billboard.

Vehicle LED Advertisement Effectiveness


How are these advertisements effective for your business? Getting your vehicle LED advertisement noticed is only half of the competition for your business. You’ll also need to ensure that the customers take action after seeing your ad. According to research, 71% of Americans will consciously look at advertisements while driving. In the light of this research, the same people visited a restaurant that showed products on a billboard.

This shows how impactful your billboards can be for the audience. But what exactly are effective vehicle LED advertisements or truck billboards? These are memorable ads that will retain their unique identity in a consumer’s mind once viewed.

When developing your ad, you need to stick to two to three colors and consider no more than six words. With minimal ads, you can draw the attention of your customers and also communicate with the potential audience.

Moving LED advertising display for vehicles and some strategic planning is essential to ensure that your ads are memorable even when viewed once. Billboard trucks, in particular, can contain a lot of information which can get overwhelming for people to profess as they drive.

Also, you need to avoid incorporating any content that’s deemed provocative, as that could lead to accidents. By strategically planning your ads, you can determine which areas give you the best results. More precisely, determine which service of yours is needed in which area.

Considering the aspects of your advertisement is also important as these can directly affect costs in the long run and can also outweigh your initial investment. When deciding the aspects of your advertisement, determine which aspects are visible enough to draw attention. The good thing about vehicle LED advertisements is that they are unavoidable, unlike the skippable ads you see on your phone.

Static and LED billboards advertising products.

Every outdoor advertising media has its pros and cons. Through vehicle LED advertisements, you can take advantage of outdoor media through creative ways. All you need to do is follow a few guidelines when developing your ad. There are far greater opportunities of advertising your products and services through outdoor mediums.

What’s more, billboard trucks are also effective and reliable for marketing as they offer a modern soliton to reach a greater number of audiences with flexibility and affordability. If you haven’t already thought about investing in vehicle LED advertising, maybe this is the right time to do so!

A billboard print.

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